Zombies, Run!

sound design in the apocalypse

Article originally published in 2014.

Below are a few clips from my sound design for Zombies, Run! uploaded with permission from Six to Start .

Zombies, Run! is a running app that mixes an audio adventure with your music. It places you in the shoes of ‘Runner 5’ as you collect supplies for your settlement and investigate the real story behind the zombie apocalypse. Headphones are recommended but not essential.

Evading a Zombie Horde

Night of the Living Dead meets The Archers

A few of the zombie noises were provided by backers of the original Kickstarter project although the best sounds for close up zombies were provided by the lead writer, Naomi Alderman, who had a cold during the initial recording week. This clip includes an sfx from Freesound user krcrawley, released under the Creative Commons Sampling+ licence.

A Sinking Ship

In the bowels, searching for supplies

A variety of eerie, echoing sounds were made by using metallic impacts as an impulse for a convolution reverb. This clip includes an sfx from Freesound user Benboncan, released under the Creative Commons Attribution licence.

Flown in by Helo

Runner 5 is dropped into Abel Township by helicopter

The helicopter in this clip was built using layers of filtered white noise and a couple of LFOs in a synthesizer.

Raise the Gates

As many a mission begins

The gates are a layering of various recordings of roll shutter doors.