Recent Projects

Sound Designer
Jack in a Box - R&D week
by Joanne Thomson
Stories Untold Productions
Director: Katherine Nesbitt
Sound Designer
The Grand Old Opera House Hotel
by Isobel McArthur
Traverse Theatre with Dundee Rep
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh and Dundee Rep, Dundee
Director: Gareth Nicholls
Associate Sound Designer, UK
by Arinzé Kene
Bush Theatre
The Shed, New York City, USA
Director: Omar Elerian
Sound Designer: Elena Peña
Associate Sound Designer
The Cherry Orchard
adapted by Vinay Patel
HOME, Yard Theatre and English Touring Theatre
HOME, Manchester
Director: James Macdonald
Sound Designer: Max Pappenheim
Sound Designer
She Wolf
by Isla Cowan
Isla Cowan in association with Assembly Festival
Assembly Roxy - Downstairs, Edinburgh
Director: Joanna Bowman

Other Highlights

Theatre as Sound Designer:
Dead Air (Stockroom), Fix (Unbroken Theatre), Strange Tales (Grid Iron, Traverse Theatre), A Table Tennis Play (Walrus Theatre), Dead Equal (Palmer and Hall Music), The Ladykillers, Beauty and the Beast, Single Spies (Theatre By The Lake)
Theatre as Associate:
This Is Paradise (Traverse Theatre), Heroine (Mary Jane Wells), The Space Shed (Unlimited Theatre), Misty (Bush Theatre/West End/New York), 1984 (West End/Australia/Singapore), My Eyes Went Dark (New York)
Other media as Sound Designer:
DOTUS: A US Election Special (podcast), The Traverse Theatre Podcast (podcast), Zombies, Run! Seasons 1&2 (Android/iOS app)